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Below is a sample of Indoor Air Quality courses available on the EEBA Academy:
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Indoor Pathogens

In this course we delve into the statistics, medical language and how to talk to customers in a relatable way. We learn about gasses, particles and biologicals and conduct basic conversations about these hazards. Brief punchy videos not only to understand more about pathogens such as Coronavirus. But how to control the impact of pathogens within a building.

Instructor: Dr. John McKeon

How Can Low-Cost IAQ Monitors Benefit Builders and Contractors

These gadgets just won't disappear! They are becoming more popular with occupants and contractors. This session will provide an overview on what they can monitor, how to get the data and what can they integrate with inside the home. 

Instructor: Joe Medosch

Selecting Healthy Insulation and Air Sealants

Energy, climate, materials, and health: What is the connection? And why is it important? Insulation and air sealing are two cost-effective ways to increase the energy efficiency of a home. However, the chemicals that are found in some of these products or used during their production can negatively impact the health of the people who manufacture and install products, as well as those who ultimately live in these buildings. We need a better system of policies and regulations that are protective of human health, but for now, we need professionals equipped with the knowledge and skills to make informed decisions about the materials they use. Building professionals who specify and install materials have the opportunity to make significant impacts on health and the environment by choosing healthier materials.

Instructor: Rebecca Stamm, Roberto Valle Kinloch

Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality in New US Homes: Preliminary Observations from a Building America

Energy-efficient new homes that are built tight require appropriately sized bath and kitchen exhaust and whole house mechanical ventilation (WHMV) systems to enable good indoor air quality. ASHRAE Standard 62.2 specifies minimum airflow rates and requires verification, but there is a lack of data on installed system performance and operation and their relationship to indoor air quality in occupied homes. This session will present early findings from an ongoing Building America research study that has gathered data on mechanical ventilation systems, indoor air quality parameters, and house and household characteristics from 180+ occupied homes in CA, CO, FL, GA, IL, OR, and SC.

Instructor: Rengie Chan, Eric Martin, Paul Francisco, Chrissi Antonopoulos
CEUs: 1 LU|HSW AIA, 1 BPI, 1 NAHB, 1 NARI, and 1 RESNET credits
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