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Below is a sample of Building Science courses available on the EEBA Academy:
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Energy Code - Module 2: Window and Insulation Tables (Climate Zones 1 and 2)

This class will discuss code requirements found in the prescriptive window and insulation requirements and how these requirements have changed through various code editions (2009-2021). The audience will learn how to interpret the tables, understand different insulation types that comply and explore innovative examples. The class will discuss how the code tables are intended to control conductive heat flow, and will explain how the code treats concepts like "effective R-value" and U-value. The class will also discuss flexibility allowed through different compliance options within the prescriptive compliance path. This module will cover IECC Climate Zones 1 and 2 while other modules will cover other climate zones.

Instructor: Joe Nebbia

High Performance Zero Energy Home Design

High performance zero energy homes provide many benefits including cost savings, energy resiliency, durability, comfort, and sustainable operation. While these types of homes have been built for a long time, the knowledge of how to build them has historically been kept by few. Now with increasingly stringent building codes across the U.S., driven by long-term energy policy and growing demands on the energy grid, all builders and implementers need to know how to build high performance. 

Instructor: Alea German

Inspiring Homebuyers and Building Owners to Demand Net-Zero Energy and Zero Emission Homes/Buildings

Net-zero energy and zero emission homes/buildings are being built ALL across the U.S., and yet so many buyers either don’t know this level of performance, including optimized comfort and minimized maintenance, is within their grasp. Our panelists on this episode are helping to dispel these misunderstandings.

Instructor: Paul Kriescher, Paul Hutton, David Takahashi

How to Cost-Effectively Build Zero Energy Homes

In order to earn the EEBA Zero Energy Building Professional Designation, one must take and pass:

  • Houses That Work
  • High Performance Mechanicals
  • HERS Associate

PLUS this course, How to Cost-Effectively Build Zero Energy Homes

Instructor: Bruce Sullivan
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